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All Lumber Is Kiln Dried

S2S Material Is Sold By The Board Foot @ Random Widths And Lengths And Is Surfaced Two Sides/Straight Line Ripped One Edge

S4S Material Is Sold By The Linear Foot And Comes In Nominal Sizes.

You can take part of a boards length as long as the remainder is at least 6' long

(we will not make consecutive cuts with the same species/thickness) 

We always offer one free cut per board to fit in your vehicle 


 Although We Mainly Stock 5x5 Baltic Birch, We Can Order You Most Sizes/Species To Arrive Within Two Business Days. Call For Pricing*

All Prices Are Subject To Change

S2S Domestic Hardwoods                

 S2S Exotic Hardwoods                           

S4S Domestic Hardwoods                   


Finishing Products                    

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