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Our Story

work full time on unique commission pieces. Our clients include designers, business owners, homeowners and professional woodworkers. The vast majority of our slabs come from storm damaged trees or trees otherwise destined to be taken down. We work with tree removal companies to prevent this valuable wood from ending up on the mulch pile or decaying on the forest floor.  We specialize in the sale of slab cuts and domestic and exotic hardwoods, while also running a custom furniture shop.  You can shop our hardwoods online or check out our showroom situated in rural New Jersey, we are an hour drive from both New York


Willard Brothers Woodcutters has been serving New Jersey, New York City and Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. Sam Willard, a local tree surgeon, saw the beauty in the trees he was removing from the Princeton area, and began cutting them into slabs. He was close friends with George Nakashima, and provided George with many slabs for his legendary furniture. 

The Willard Family

In early 2017, a different set of brothers- Abel and Jesse Smith - purchased the company and have expanded operations dramatically while carrying on the Willard’s name and tradition. We stock close to a thousand unique live-edge slabs, and our store is filled with domestic and exotic dimensional wood. We employee three furniture makers who


The Smiths

The Willards

City and Philadelphia. We are 15 minutes from downtown Princeton. We are open to the public, and are always happy to assist you in finding that perfect walnut slab for a dining room table, a unique cherry for a classic cabinet, or the Mahogany planks that will become your backyard deck.

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