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Our Showroom is open to the public six days a week. We can accommodate anyone from hobbyist, furniture makers, contractors, designers, homeowners, and more.

We have a wide verity of demestics and exotic hardwoods, along with live edge slabs (flinches), plywood, turning blanks, finishing products and more..

All lumber is kiln dried and ready to use. Most of our dimensional is S2S and sold by the boardfoot.  All our boards come skip planned on two sides, straight line ripped on one edge and come in random widths and legths. If you only need a short peace we are happy to cut off what you need of a board as long as you leave us with a 6 foot peice. Check out our Price List!


We have hundreds of kiln dried slab cuts in our Showroom and barn.  With many species to choose from and all sizes (coffee tables to conference tables.)

All our slabs are locally sourced, milled, and dried on premise.

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